MultiLing to Sponsor Provo United Soccer Team

July 23, 2002

With the recent hype surrounding the World Cup and soccer in general, MultiLing Corporation has decided to join in the excitement. This year, MultiLing is sponsoring the Provo United Football Club, a newly founded soccer team participating in the 10-team league. The purpose of this soccer league is to promote soccer in the community and bring more people into the sport.


This year, Provo United brings a lot to the table. Provo United will be competing under new head coach Gabor Szabo. Szabo not only brings a strong international presence, but a wealth of experience as well. Szabo played upper division soccer in Budapest, Hungary for more than 10 years, and NB1 for one year.

Provo United finds itself in an interesting position of being an almost all-foreign team. The team is composed of mostly Hungarian, Mexican, Bolivian, and Austrian players. Szabo feels this mix is exactly what is needed for a championship-caliber team. “Not only do the players have excellent football backgrounds, but we also have a good mix of players from all over the world who understand the importance of teamwork and discipline.”

Provo United kicked off the season last Saturday winning 9-1.